Our Staff

Dr. Barchman, DVM, CVA


Dr. Barchman, an Iowa native, is a 2006 graduate of Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine.  After receiving her DVM degree, she completed a rotating internship in Greensboro, NC.  After working in various different states, she found the place she called home right here in Leawood, KS. She worked for 5 years at State Line Animal Hospital prior to purchasing the practice in 2014.

She attended the Chi Institute in 2014, where she received her certification in veterinary acupuncture.

She is currently working on certifications in Chinese herbal medicine and food therapy.

Dr. Sally is a former member in the Leawood Rotary Club and also active in her church family, Foundry Church in Lenexa Ks.

As a previous member of the American Diabetes Association Leadership Board, an organization near and dear to Dr. Barchman’s heart, she strives to help find a cure for this dreadful disease.  It was after losing our beloved Dr. Cheri Jones, who passed away from secondary complications of diabetes, that she discovered her passion to reach for the cure. Dr. Barchman works directly with Likarda in doing studies to treat and hopefully one day, bring a cure for this disease.  For more information on Likarda, visit their website at www. http://likarda.com

She has 2 beautiful daughters, Evey and Emma, who keep her busy when she is not busy helping her four legged patients.  Dr. Barchman lives in Overland Park, KS and enjoys sand volleyball, running and watching her girls in gymnastics.



Dr. Otte


Dr. Otte is a 1975 graduate of Kansas State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. After graduation, he practiced at Raritan Hospital for Animals in Edison, NJ. In 1977, he returned to Kansas City where he purchased State Line Animal Hospital.

Dr. Otte was the first area veterinarian to become board certified by the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners (1983). He is extremely active in organized veterinary medicine and served as President of the Kansas City Veterinary Medical Association in 1984, President of the Kansas Veterinary Medical Association in 1998, and was named Kansas Veterinarian of the Year in 2000.

He was appointed by Governor Bill Graves to the Kansas Board of Veterinary Examiners in 1999 and reappointed by Governor Sebilius in 2003 and again in 2007. In 2001, Dr. Otte was elected as the Delegate to the American Veterinary Medical Association, a position he continues to hold. In 2003, he was elected to serve on the Political Action Committee Policy Board for the AVMA.

After 37 years of commissioned service, Colonel Otte retired in 2003 from the Veterinary Corps, US Army Reserve. His final position in the Veterinary Corps was Assistant Chief of Mobilization and Reserves; his duties included coordinating the training and personnel placement of the 300 veterinarians and 1100 enlisted personnel in the Army Reserves. During his long tenure in the Vet Corps, Dr. Otte participated in humanitarian missions in many countries in Central and South American and Africa. Working with the local people and helping them have a better life was a source of great pleasure.

Since 2007, Dr. Otte has traveled to Alaska annually to help with the Iditarod Dog Sled Race as a Trail Veterinarian. He traveled from Anchorage to Nome stopping at the various checkpoints to examine the dogs as they made the 1,000 mile trek to ensure their health as the teams came through.

Continuing education in veterinary medicine is a priority for Dr. Otte. He attends numerous meetings, lectures, and classes during the year and continually expands the medical services offered by the hospital. Digital radiography and ultrasound technology were added to expand the hospital’s diagnostic capabilities. Prior to that, Laser surgery was added when that technology proved it decreased the pets’ post-operative pain.

Dr. Otte’s interests also extend to his community. He has served as a Board member and Vice-President of the Overland Park Rotary Club where he has been a member for 34 years. He was a Kansas City Zoo Docent, a youth soccer coach, and a member of a housing area Board of Directors. He has been a member of the John Knox Kirk where he has been an active member of the choir for the past 21 years and just finished a second term as a Ruling Elder.

Dr. Otte lives in Leawood with his wife, Brenda, and their “furry family” of dogs (Winn Dixie, Toby, Riley and Lilly) and cats (Winston Churchill, Cowboy, Callan, Donegan, Krissie, Dexter, and Frosty).



Dr. Abby Faerber


Dr.  Faerber is a 2015 graduate of Kansas State University College of veterinary Medicine.  She grew up in Leawood, Ks and went to high school at Shawnee Mission East, graduating in 2007.  She began her career in the veterinary field working as a veterinary assistant at State Line Animal Hospital in 2008.  After receiving her DVM degree, she married her high school sweetheart, Andrew, and moved home to Prairie Village.  She knew where she wanted to be and returned to State Line Animal Hospital, this time as a veterinarian.

Dr. Faerber has 4 furry family members, 2 cats and 2 dogs, all of which were adopted from State Line AH.  You can often spot her dog Cora begging for a treat at the hospital, enjoying our puppy day out program.

Dr. Faerber enjoys spending her free time with her family and friends, reading, running and she participates in 9Round kickboxing.



Betsy Avenia


For Betsy, working at State Line is a “different experience every day”.  You will find Betsy behind the desk surrounded by a variety of dogs enjoying puppy day out, including her beloved dog, Astro, whom she adopted from SLAH.  She has worked here as a Receptionist since 2009.  Betsy really knows our clients and has developed great respect and friendships with many of them.   Much of her day is spent interacting with them, scheduling appointments, educating clients and interacting and caring for the Puppy Day Out dogs.

Betsy has two children in college in which she is very proud of, Spencer and Kendall. She spends much of her time off with her mother and tending to her needs.

Betsy loves working with our clients and deeply cares for them as well as their fur kids.  We are very fortunate to have Betsy on our team of caring staff.



Jacquie Conn

Veterinary Technician

Jacquie has worked as a veterinary technician/assistant at SLAH since 2007. She began her career as an office assistant, but now assists the doctors with nearly every aspect of veterinary care.  Jacquie shows so much care and compassion, not only for our patients, but for their people too.  There’s really nothing she can’t do and do well when it comes to caring for your pet.

Jacquie brings her fur kids in with her every day and you will find them hogging the receptionist chair at the front desk.  Everyone knows her Chihuahua, Spanky, and gets a kick how he runs the front desk.

When Jacquie is not working, she spends much of her time with her daughter, Abby. She loves movies and cooking and spending time with her friends.  She is an active participant at 9Round Kick Boxing.

Jacquie has made many friends over the years she has worked at SLAH. Both animal and people.  She knows the dogs when they walk through the door and they absolutely love her.



Adriana Cruz

Veterinary Technician

Adriana has been with State Line Animal Hospital since December of 2015.  Adriana has a passion for animals near and dear to our hearts.  Currently part time, she has been studying to prepare herself for a career as a registered veterinary technician.  She will graduate from Maple Woods Veterinary Technology Program in May 2017.  She will then take boards to be a Registered Veterinary Technician and we can hardly wait to have her full time. She is a true patient advocate and shows her compassion every day as she cares for our patients.

Adriana enjoys spending time with her loved ones as well as playing volleyball and basketball.  She also enjoys watching sports while cuddling with her 2 Shih Tzu’s, Bandit and Chewie.  We see great things in Adriana and are very excited for her to join us full time and bring her skills and education to our clinic, all to better serve our patients.



Helena Dunn

Veterinary Assistant

Helena is one of our most cheerful and helpful veterinary assistants. Always with a smile on her face and a song in her heart, she can be seen all over the clinic, lending a hand anywhere she is needed.  With a passion for animals as strong as Helena’s, she inspires to be a veterinary technician or maybe a veterinarian someday. And we think she will be terrific at whatever she decides to accomplish.

Helena brings to work with her each day her most adorable Chihuahua pup, Snoop. And, her Shepherd mix, Lacey, who tries to keep the rest of the dogs in line during her watch.

Helena is currently taking classes and has applied to attend Maple Woods Veterinary Technician Technology Program.

We feel so fortunate to have her as part of our SLAH family.



Hannah Bacon-Dietz


Hannah joined State Line Animal Hospital in November of 2016.  With excellent experience in a doggie day care facility, she brings a strong knowledge of animal behavior and absolutely loves spending time interacting with all the dogs that participate in our Puppy Day out Program.  She brings to work with her every day a couple of fun loving pooches, Wrex and Aries, who seldom are seen farther than a few steps away from her.  She also has her newly adopted dog Argos by her side as well. We are thrilled to have Hannah as one of our friendly and helpful receptionists.

Hannah’s top two things she enjoys doing when not at work are reading and going on hikes with her dogs and boyfriend.



Kourtney Cooper


Kourtney is one of our newest employees in which we are thrilled to have her as part of our State Line Animal Hospital family.  She has experience in the veterinary field both as a vet assistant and a kennel assistant, so we brought her on as our “floater employee”. She works at the front desk as receptionist and also fills in where ever she is needed.  Kourtney always has a smile on her face and is always willing to help out.  She brings her Dalmatian, Mars, and the cutest black and white fluff ball pup, Inca, to work every day.  They look like a couple dominos rolling around the floor so you can’t miss them.

Kourtney is so caring and compassionate, a true patient and client advocate.



Cindy Pugh

Practice Manager

Cindy came to State Line Animal Hospital in July of 2015.  With more than 23 years’ experience in the veterinary field, she loves to use that experience to educate our clients.  Always seeking new information and knowledge, she is eager to share with staff and our clients what she has learned.  She has been a veterinary office manager for over 15 years and has taken on the duties of our manager and is now more of a behind the scenes person, but enjoys getting to know our clients and their furry friends.  She truly loves what she does and the field she had devoted her life to.

In her spare time, Cindy enjoys fishing, hiking as well as gardening.

Cindy has 3 fur kids at home, Faith, a 6 year old Chihuahua mix, Ed, an 18+year old min pin, and a rescue cat named Mom, that she says is as nearly as perfect a cat there is.  She shares her home with Gregg, her husband of 35 years and their son, Hunter.  She has 3 adult daughters, Melissa, Carrie and Lindsay, and 7 grandchildren that keep her happy and busy.



Tom Seaton

Kennel Attendent

Tom has been with State Line Animal Hospital for over 10 years.  Tom wears many hats here at SLAH.  From caring for all the dogs and cats to being our “go to guy” for fixing all things mechanical.  He stays quite busy around here.  Always willing to help another staff member or helping a client out, he does so with a smile on his face.  Working at an animal hospital comes naturally for Tom because he loves working with animals and caring for them.

When he is not working, Tom enjoys fishing, camping and “fixing things”, as well as spending time with his sons.  William, who was the light of our lives” until he had to share the light with twins, David and Daniel.  Then along came Thomas to complete the picture.  He stays a very busy man and we are thankful to have him at State Line AH.



Rachel Bensend

Kennel Attendant/ Adoption Coordinator

Rachel came to State Line Animal Hospital with excellent experience in running a kennel and she has done an outstanding job in ours.  Rachel is a hard -working and passionate animal advocate.  Always looking out for what is best for the pet, she can be spotted fluffing up a bed, or spending  time training our animal control dogs, or simply just loving on one of our four-legged guests.

Rachel has taken on the monumental task as our adoption coordinator.  Because SLAH is the Leawood Animal Shelter, we sometimes have quite the number of pets needing to be adopted.  Rachel gets to know them all and tries to coordinate fosters, permanent homes or facilities to take them to get the best exposure possible in order to find them permanent homes. We are so grateful to have her in charge of their well -being.

In her spare time, she enjoys photography, listening to music, Motor cross and riding the motorcycle with her husband, Ty, traveling and volunteer work.  She enjoys spending time with her family, including her furry family members, Gunner and Tonka.



Mary Mayden


Mary has been a groomer for over 33 years: State Line has been lucky to have her for the last 10! She learned to groom in Westport with Darrell Smith and later taught dog grooming with him.

At State Line AH, Mary’s clients come to her by appointment only. She grooms all types of dogs and can turn a matted mess into a movie star dog very quickly.  She has a reputation for caring for some of the difficult dogs with love and comfort, therefore easing their anxiety as well as their families.  She also advised the animals’ owner on home grooming steps and ways to keep “Fluffy’s “coat soft and shiny.

Not only do the grooming clients love Mary, but she loves them and all of the animals at SLAH. Dr. Otte’s dog, Toby, runs to Mary first thing every morning so that she will pick him up and give him a hug; then he’s on his way.

Mary brings with her to work every day her little dog, Bella. Bella can be seen sporting the cutest outfits and dearly loves her human mom.

When she is not working, Mary enjoys spending time with her daughter and new granddaughter, as well as going thrifting and spending time at the lake with friends. We are so happy to have Mary here at State Line Animal Hospital.



Billy Smith

Kennel Attendant

Billy spent over 20 years working in animal shelters, making a difference in the lives of unwanted or lost pets.  A much as he loved doing that, he wanted to make a change but remain in the field he enjoyed, but where there was the opportunity to get to know the animals and their pet parents.  Billy began working at State Line Animal Hospital in ______. Working weekends, Billy stays quite busy tending to the needs of our animal guests.  From feeding to walking them, Billy makes sure that all our guests are comfortable and feeling happy and loved.

When Billy is not working at SLAH, he works on his farm and also raises show chickens.  If he is fortunate to have extra free time, he enjoys traveling, camping, canoeing, hiking and folk music.  He and his wife, Marcia share their home with a menagerie of pets, including a goat named Bud.



Abby White

Kennel Attendant

Abby has been with State Line Animal Hospital since August of 2015.  She attends High School at Olathe North and will graduate in 2018.  Abby aspires to go on to college and become a veterinarian.  And our profession would be very lucky to have her.  Abby works part time taking care of our boarding guests on weekends.  Chances are she knows your pet very well even if she hasn’t had the opportunity to personally meet you.

Abby enjoys going to concerts and hanging out with her friends.  She loves to travel and do volunteer work.  Her true passion is animals.  And ice cream.  That’s a great combination.



Amelia Lock


You want the best for your pet and from the moment you enter State Line Animal Hospital, you and your pet will receive the best care possible. We help you care for your pet by offering quality veterinary services through a team of friendly, knowledgeable, and caring individuals.

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